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The Pool School Difference

  • Warm Water (90)
  • Highly trained adult staff
  • Play based, structured curriculum
  • Small class size
  • Customer-convenient class scheduling

Convenient Location St. George's Pool (Swim Lessons) 1880 Wolfe River Blvd. Collierville, TN 38017 map



About Us

Rob and Janice started The Pool School in 1995, since then over 15,000 children have learned to swim using The Pool School method.

Coach Rob is a Level 5 swim coach, the American Swim Coaches Association’s highest classification. He was an assistant coach at the University of Alabama under Olympic swim coach Don Gambril. Coach Rob has trained national and junior national champions, high school, and collegiate All-American competitive swimmers. He was the head coach of the United States National Junior team and has been the coach of the year in many different locals, the latest being the 2009 Tennessee High School Coach of the Year. He is currently the St. George’s High School high school swim coach.

Ms. Janice Snowberger

Ms. Janice is the fun specialist at The Pool School. Many of the games and toys used in the Pool School curriculum are her creations. Her creativity is best used in her work with special need students, especially autistic children. Janice is a licensed clinical social worker and a registered play therapist.

Convenient Location St. George's Pool (Swim Lessons) 1880 Wolfe River Blvd. Collierville, TN 38017 map


Placing Your Child (ages 3 yrs - 12 yrs)

To place your child in the proper swimming environment, The Pool School curriculum is divided into eight class levels (see panel below). It is important to properly place your child for maximum teaching efficiency and safety. Please note that Levels 5-6-7-8 are taught in deep water; to ensure safety students must possess independent swimming ability.

Class Levels

Level 1 – Limited to 4 students per instructor No water experience, timid around water or may not like to get their face wet. Must be 3 years old, under 3 may enroll in Parent/Tot class.

Level 2 – Limited to 4 students per instructor Plays well in the water, blows bubbles, will submerge head under water

Level 3 – Limited to 4 students per instructor Front glide to instructor without aid and back float

Level 4 – Limited to 4 students per instructor Swim with arms out of water and face in the water, without flotation devices

Level 5- Limited to 5 students per instructor Swim with arms out of the water, some breathing to the side in sequence with arms

Level 6 – 5 students per instructor Swim 12 (half length of pool) yards front crawl and backstroke

Level 7 – 5 students per instructor Swim 17 yards front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke

Level 8- Lightning Swim Team - 8 students per class Swim 25 yards front crawl with proper breathing and backstroke without fins

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Lightning Swim Team

The Lightning Swim Team offers child and parent an introduction to the sport of competitive swimming. The group size is expanded to 8 swimmers, which introduces the student to swim team characteristics. The instructor, who is referred to as “Coach,” will often be out of the water coaching from the side of the pool. At this level swimmers get a work out that offers fitness and fun in addition to skill development. Swimmers who are interested in competitive swimming may work toward making the transition to more advanced programs.

The Lightning Swim Team makes fitness a component of each lesson. Although stroke technique is still the main focus, increased yardage develops strength and endurance. Because of the increased distance demands, to join this group swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool front crawl with proper breathing technique and one length backstroke without using fins.

The Pool School Lightning competes in the Memphis Swim Conference (MSC), a group of similarly structured teams in the Mid-South. Meets are held once a month in the fall/winter and biweekly in the summer. Each season culminates in a championship meet. Meets last between 2 and 3 hours, with the championship meet lasting all day. This league is focused on the entry-level athlete and is a great place to begin a swimming career or just have fun.

Lightning Swim Team Meet Calendar

Lightning Swim Team 411 About Swim Meets

Lightning Swim Team Swim Meet Schedule

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Adult Swim Lessons

Many of our student’s parents are providing their children with opportunities that they did not have growing up. They watch their children swim and wish they had learned to swim. They can! Every Saturday morning (after the kids have left) many adults are taking advantage of the Pool School adult lessons. Enjoy the water as much as your children, learn to swim for fun and fitness!

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Parent Tot Classes for children ages 18 months up to 3 years

The Pool School parent/tot class prepares children for group lessons and is a great beginning to their swimming education. Parents are provided a chance to spend precious one-on-one moments with their child while teaching entry-level swim skills and safety. Children who take the parent/tot class are more successful when entering the group lesson program. Parents who take the class are more aware of water safety issues and have the basic knowledge to prepare their child for success in more advanced classes.

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Private Lessons

The Pool School private lessons provide individual instruction in:

  • Advanced Stroke Instruction for the competitive swimmer who needs to find that extra second or the tri-athlete who is trying to be first out of the water; The Pool School can help you produce the results you want. Our staff has many years of experience in competitive swimming and can share our expertise with you.
  • Adapted Aquatics for children and adults who require alternative swim techniques or specialized teaching methods.
  • One-on-one, the special relationship between one student and one teacher can accomplish a great deal.

Visit The Pool School Private Lesson Calender to schedule a lesson date/time.