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Lightning Swim Team - Enrollment OPEN
This is the entry portal to the wonderful world of competitive swimming. When a student in level 7 can swim 25 yards or one length of the lesson pool then they are eligible to move to LST. The swim team has more of a training and exercise component than lessons, although strokes improvement is still a major emphasis. Families have the option of 2x’s or 4x’s a week. Swimmers in this group can swim in the Mid-South Swim League meets which are held in the greater Memphis area. Several of the meets are at St. Georges.

Lightning Elite - Enrollment OPEN
This is a more advanced form of LST. It is a 45-minute workout and is offered from 6:10-6:55 M-Th. Swimmers can select 2x’s or 4x’s a week. An even greater emphasis is placed on training and is a great form of exercise, however, stroke work is still the emphasis. Swimmers in this group are encouraged to compete in the local meets.